Have you ever imagined how your life will turn out without limitations? The Cambridge dictionary defines limitation as, “a person or a thing not being as good as he/she could be”.

Once we start living, especially as people with full realization of ourselves and our environment, one thing we should keep in mind is that there are some human problems no one can solve completely; which means no matter what we do, something will definitely come our way that limits us. 


 As individuals from different walks of life, living in diverse situations, we are challenged on daily basis to bring out our best. For instance, the mother, who strives to keep her children happy and the home together; the hardworking father, who has to make ends meet for his family despite his marginal earnings and the list goes on and on. Key to this is the fact that people, things, situations or certain regulations we are governed by, may not allow us to bring out the best in us as expected – thus the limitations we face.

This simple but detailed piece seeks to help individuals comprehend how our day to day limitations affect us and also endeavors to touch on the very essence of experiencing independence from our limitations.

-       Understanding limitations

-       Addressing limitations

-       Knowing the joy of independence

-       Steps to attaining independence

-       Enjoying independence from limitation


Limitations can ultimately be overcome BUT only by people who both have the will power and are knowledgeable to the know-how.

Our first step to having independence from limitations is, understanding that there are limitations! (anyway) and they serve as either stumbling blocks or stepping blocks, depending on how you understand the limitations you face.

Let’s address some common forms of limitations.

Individual limitation:

Limitations are common to everyone! It’s not peculiar to just you! The president, the rich man, the poor man, the baby, practically everyone, as long as you accept that things come your way that does not allow you to bring out your best.

We dream big and yet are cupped by financial restraints, ailments or other subjects out of our control, hence sidelining our dreams.

That we will face limitations cannot be undermined and they become trying moments we need to survive.

Occupational/Professional limitations:

You just may not like what kind of job you do, or may not like your boss, or that you do a million tasks at a sitting. Its fine! Come to think of it, not having an alternative to what you do and sitting at home in the comfort of your sofa, presents itself with another challenge. Psyching yourself to appreciating what you do, helps maximize output and keeps you less burdened with what presents itself as a limitation.

Financial limitations:

This is one of the biggest limitations almost everyone faces. Our needs are insatiable. Our wants are unending. However, (and in most cases), we are limited by our finances in the satisfaction of our needs.

Knowing and understanding this limitation, allows the room to make right choices from our tall lists of wants and needs.

It is more like how we view happenings around us create limitations for ourselves. Seek the needed help to help overcome them. Life is an open field; don’t allow anything to block your shine!

                                 YOU ARE A WINNER!



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