Lifestyle is basically the way in which a person lives. These 2019 lifestyle trends are everyday activities that can improve our lives one way or the other. We will centre on various aspect of living which includes health, technology, education, helpful life hacks, fashion etc.

Workouts/ Exercises have become very trendy in Ghana and Africa in 2019 as more and more people try to keep fit. However there has been a new twist to this globally, mindful exercising. Now most research has shown that there must be different exercises and healthy diet for different body types. There is no more just going to burn calories at the gym or jogging, we calculate calories, food portion controls and nutrients that are good for you.

Body types

Know your body type to help you know suitable exercises and diets to have.
Urbanization prevent many from having gardens at home. Many live in apartments that have no personalized gardens. Are you a plant lover like me? Then I have good news for you. You can have home gardens indoors. Living walls are all the rage and have many possible uses from decorative features to food production. These indoor gardens can be created using wooden packing pallets, old furniture, hanging plants or DIY shelving. Each garden can be customized to the needs of the space and the individual.

a urban home garden (DIY Garden)

While the standard 9-5 work model is still very prominent in the workplace, the idea of flexible work hours is growing in popularity. Flexi-hours moves the emphasis away from the number of hours worked to a focus on an employee’s productivity and output.

Parents, particularly working mothers, are embracing this new movement in order to gain a more balanced work and home life. More employers are giving their workers the freedom to negotiate their work hours to suit their personal productivity as well as their private life. Technology seems to really make it easier for us, right? Remote work is usually done over the internet with our laptops, phones and other helpful gadget depending on the work involved.


Kontomire Abom with Yam and Avocado

It seems we are going back to our roots using more plant based products, such as hair and skin products. Here in Ghana many women are resorting to rocking their natural hair rather than weaves. Thus there is an increase in demand for natural hair product; we have shear butter creams, black soap shampoos and hemp oils. In 2019, Ghanaians prefer to even eat more plant based foods like we used to in the past. We are ditching pizza for Kontomire with Yam and avocado on the side!


This is about living less. Gone are the days when we filled our home with unneeded items, these days we want to live minimal, with less home items, very much de-cluttered and using a lot of space savers

Living in a de-cluttered and minimal home can have amazing effects of the quality of our lives. Owning so many things is not a trend anymore, save your money and lives as minimal as you can. Minimalism also comes with DIYs (DO IT YOURSELF), example planters, home furniture, shelves, bedroom rugs, etc

If I were you I will jump on these trendy trains! Is there any important trend you want to share with us? Feel free to let us know in the comment section.


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